Suggestions for a Successful Photo Shoot


Although I prefer one not use “SMILE” or “SAY CHEESE” when capturing a moment, I use SMILE as an acronym……


Plan on a time of the day when everyone is rested and relaxed; not after a soccer match, a birthday party or an hour before mealtime.  And be sure to schedule any haircuts well in advance of the session.

Make it natural

When considering clothing, everyone should be in clothes they are comfortable wearing. No shopping for a new frilly dress if your daughter is the ultimate tomboy. She will not be happy and neither will you!

In sync

When having a group photo everyone should look coordinated, wearing solids is best. Being in similar tones works well to keep faces as the main event.  Keep it simple!


Let the photographer work his/her magic and take the lead. Remember they are the professionals, and that’s why you hired them.


Relax….it’s all about having FUN.  You will be enjoying your portraits for years to come.

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One response to “Suggestions for a Successful Photo Shoot

  1. Good tips! SMILE!

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