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The Gift of Flowers

By Maureen Laning

Flowers; as a gift, convey a variety of emotions — thanks, sympathy, endearment, love…. So what better way to show mom how much she is appreciated on Mother’s Day than with a gorgeous flower arrangement. The thought of sending flowers across the miles can be daunting. But if you follow a few simple guidelines, it should be a painless experience.

Although the option to order online exists, and is tempting, resist the urge unless you are using a local florist that you are familiar with. Many of the online floral services are simply telemarketing agencies. Basically, the order will be received, and then in turn sent to the florist in that town, most times with a dissapointing end result. Often what is viewed and selected online is not even an option within the local florist. For example the Bedford Village Florist receives calls from such companies almost daily that we decline because the order does not meet our quality level, minimum charge or requests product we do not carry.

The best course of action, other than calling the florist directly, is to call your local florist with whom you have a relationship. There are floral networks that individual shops belong to that allow for sending flowers across the country or even overseas. The most common are FTD and Teleflora. Speaking to your local florist allows you to request specific product, a specific style of arrangement, etc. Thus, when the delivering shop is called, your request can be directly communicated and if there is a problem you will know immediately. There are actual florists involved, not just computer operators — people who know exactly what product is in house, and is available to be sold. There is an accountability factor for each order placed. For example, if The Bedford Village Florist is sending an arrangement to a customer’s mother in Florida, we first select a local shop to call. Often we have worked with the same florist repeatedly and are familiar with their quality of work. When the shop has been selected, we call and speak directly to an employee. We communicate exactly what our customer is looking for. In our case it is generally quality vs. quantity, meaning premium blossoms, no carnations, mums or baby’s breath. If the shop does not have the product, or does not understand what we are asking them to do, we simply call another shop. We always put forth the extra effort to make sure our client gets exactly what they want sent, as should your local florist.

In most cases same day delivery is available. However, if you are searching for something very specific, or on high volume days, such as Mother’s day, advanced notice is best to ensure the best product.

When giving the gift of flowers, if you plan in advance and use your local florist, Mom will receive her delivery and know how much she is appreciated and loved. If you have any questions about flowers, or just want to share your love of them, LIKE Bedford Village Florist on Facebook or email Maureen Laning.